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Creating a More Diverse and Inclusive Workforce
Eliminating Barriers and Creating Opportunities to Enter Energy and STEM Careers through Innovative State-Academic Partnerships 
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On behalf of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Community Development Action Coalition (CDAC) and the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO), you are invited to our upcoming virtual event, Creating a More Diverse and Inclusive Workforce: Eliminating Barriers and Creating Opportunities to Enter Energy and STEM Careers through Innovative State-Academic Partnerships. The two-day virtual event will review and discuss the findings from a new report, Diversity in the U.S. Energy Workforce: Data Findings to Inform State Energy, Climate, and Workforce Development Policies and Programs, which aims to increase understanding of gender, racial, and other disparities in the U.S. energy workforce and inform conversations about potential policy improvements and solutions to mitigate them.  

Please note that this event will be recorded. To the extent possible, registrants are encouraged to attend the full event, including the discussion-oriented sessions on Friday, May 14, as your input will be critical to future resources, events, and discussions by NASEO, CDAC, and other partners on the topic of workforce and STEM diversity.  

Session highlights include: ยท     
Advancing Just Transition, Workforce Diversity, and Economic Recovery at the Regional, State, and Local Levels   
Setting a National Direction for Environmental Justice, Equity, and the Clean Energy Workforce    
Employer and Labor Partner Perspectives: Strategies for Workforce Representation and Inclusion    
Congressional Outlook for Environmental Justice, Equity, and Diversity   
 Economic Opportunity and Job Creation: Partnership Models Centering Minority-Serving Institutions    
Collaborations to Facilitate Entry to the Energy Sector Workforce and STEM Fields     
State-Academic-Federal Partnerships for Diversity and Equity in Innovation, Technology Transfer, and Technology-Based Economic Development

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