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Helping HBCUs Make Campuses More Energy Efficient as reported in Prism Reports

With the consequences of climate change growing more dire every year, the need to remove barriers to environmentally-sustainable lifestyles has become increasingly urgent, especially for Black people. As the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report details, sea levels will continue to rise and extreme weather will grow even more frequently in the coming decades. Black and brown communities in places like Lake Charles, Louisiana, Houston, Texas, and Puerto Rico will continue to bear the brunt of these disasters. De jure and de facto segregation have put Black bodies on the frontlines of living in toxic and vulnerable environments—not by individual choice but by institutional design. However, the HBCU Green Fund, a nonprofit working to finance energy-efficient buildings and infrastructure upgrades while also providing interdisciplinary sustainability education, is seeking to equip Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) such as Howard and Lincoln Universities, with the resources needed to be advocates and leaders toward a cleaner, net-zero future.

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CEI is hiring a new project manager

COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT” ACTION COALITIONClean Energy Initiative {CEI) Project Manager (PM)Job Description{Independent Contractor – Part-time Position 20 hours per week) The Clean Energy Initiative (CEI} Project

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Clean energy innovation fueling campuses and empowering communities

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